Vertical Form Fill Seal

Vertical form fill seal packaging machines are the most widely used in packaging and production in food and non food industry.

TGP-100 Low cost VFFS

TGP-100 is a afforable and compact vertical form fill seal machine for dry items, especially for granules. Weighing, filling, bag sealing, bag quantity counting, and MFG/EXP code printing optional function is available as well.

TDL-100 Ice Cany Packaging Machine

TDL-100 ice pop packaging machine is  designed for pure liquild like water, milk and syrup. Epuipted with powerful liquid pump, food grade stainless steel and silica rubber tube to ensure top level of sanitation

TGP-420 Low Cost Snack Packing Machine

TGP-420 is a low cost solution for granules, powder, and big pieces snacks packaging. Intelligent control panel, digital weighing.


TSH-420 Muti-Heads weigher 

TSH-420 is a economical choice for big weights and big pouch size. It is widely used for powder, cereals, nuts and big piece snacks. PLC controller, user friendly touch screen, pneumatic driven bag sealing/cutting system, 4 heads weighers. 

TSL-100  Sauce Packaging Machine

TSL-100 is reliable and compact for liquid and paste type liquid, such as milk, sauce, honey, ketchup, shampoo and sanitizer packaging.User friendly touch screen  controller, precise piston filler, one button to trigger off self cleaing function.

TWH-1000 Liquid Packing Machine

TWH-1000 Liquid packing machine is high speed and big volume solution for free flow water like liquid, with functions of bag making, counting, filling, sealing and code printing, adding easy tear, cutting separated .

TWT-120 Tea bag (professional)

TWT-120 is a professional machine especially for kinds of tea bag packaging. Thread(string), tag on each tea bag. Optional function of packaging tea bag in a outside pouch is available.

TSH-R50 Honey Packaging Machine

TSH-R50 Honey Packaging Machine is a professional machine designed for highly viscous liquid and paste like honey, glue, etc. PLC touch screen, pneumatics driven bag sealing and cutting, rolling pressure to ensure optimal bag sealing. 



TSL-C320 Commerical Sauce Packing machine

TSL-C320 is a model designe for big volume and larger bag dimensions paste packaging. PLC controller, userfriendly touch screen, anti-clogging and leaking filling nozzle, one button self-cleaning function. 

TSA-320 Powder packing machine

TSA-320 is a professional vffs packing machine for powder type items, such as flour and spices. PLC touch screen, Servo motor, Pneumaitcs driven bag sealing and cutting. 

TSL-H420 Industrial Paste Packing Machine

TSL-H420 is a professional industrial  station for paste type liquid like glue, fruit pulp, and other high viscosity paste. PLC touch screen, pneumatic driven bag sealing and cutting and rolling pressure.


TWJ-200 Counting Packing Machine

TWJ-200 is designed for items need to be packed by accounting pieces instead of weights or volumes, such as screw nuts and candy. Fiber sensor and weighing sensor to ensure optimal accuracy at high speed.