Capping machine

Cap seal machine is widely used in kinds industry bottle filling and sealing procedure, it can be work as semi automatic individually, also can work with automatic bottle filling line. 

TWC-300 Automatic capping machine

TWC-300 is a full automatic unit bottle cap machine, which is ually work with fully auto bottle filling line.

TWC-120 Semi auto cap machine 

TWC-120 Tabletop unit is a semi automatic machine for bottle/cans cap sealing.  Plastic, glass, metal bottle or cans are all workable on this low cost capping machine.

TWC-V150 Vacuum sealing capping machine

TWC-V150 is a professional machine especially for bottle or cans package, in which food need zero oxygen in the container for long tim storage time.

TWC-160 Capping machine

TWC-160 capping machine is a compact tabletop unit for small business operation for bottle food cap sealing. Durable, low cost and easy to use.