Labeling Machines

Labels are divided into many categories: pre-printed to blank self adhesive labels – reels and sheets to single labels.  Label applicator machines play more and more important role in packaging process in many industries. Techinery® bring a wide range cost effective and versatile labeling machine.  

TWTB-100 Table-top round bottle label machine

It is used for round bottles lableing, semi-automatic, codes printer attachment is available as optional function. 

TWTB-120 Table-top flat surface labeling machine 

this is designed for flat surface labeling application, such as sqaure bottles, bags, cartons, boxes, and other flat surface containers. 

TWTB-520 Fully automatic bottle labels applicator machine

It is usually combined into the filling line of bottle filling packaging automatic production line.  

TWTB-350 Carton labeling machine

this is for cartons or cadboard labels automatic applicating, which is usally combined into carton packaging line.